Within the las few weeks, Mt. Agung’s eruption has induced thick volcanic ash and fog that forced Ngurah Rai Airport to make few days closing of the airport, thus resulting on flight cancellation and standed passangers.

We always strive to put your safety and comfort firsthand, as well as keeping your mind at ease.

Would like to assure that all guests that are staying and will be staying at Grand Livio Hotel will be entitled for Complimentary stay, effective immadiately, shouth there is any closure of Ngurah Rai Airport due to Mt. Agung Eruption, with below condition:

  • Complimentary stay including breakfast will be applicable should Ngurah Rai Airport is closed due to Mt.Agung Eruption. For flight delay or calcellation, if Ngurah Rai Airport is still operating this Guarantee Statement will not applicable.

  • This Guarantee Statement will applicable for guests that are and will be staying for minimum 2 nights stay mentioned above from period of stay immadiately - End of February 2018.

  • Please present your cancelled flight ticket upon redeeming the Complimentary Stay (must be the same date with the redeeming date).

  • This Guarantee Statement is not valid should the airport operates back to normal, although the flights are cancelled or delayed.

  • Complimentary stay period is finished, if you want to extend your holiday, we can offer you special extension rate.

Kuta is more than 70KM away from Mt. Agung, where we do not get affected by the volcanic ash and other debris from Mt. Agung. Thus we can assure that your holiday in Bali will be enjoyable and safe around this area. Hopefully with this Guarantee Statement, we can put your mind at ease and let you have a worry free holiday.

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